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Campaign 1: Motivation and Awareness Tour 2015

Each year Students Against Migrant Exploitation embarks on a Cross-Country tour during the month of March. The goal is simple: to create awareness on migrant worker issues with students across Canada and to motivate them to become active in social justice issues that are important to them. Delivered by young, passionate and dynamic presenters, our presentations are interactive and educational. The topics as selected by each school discuss a range of topics including Canadian politics and government, immigration, labour standards, history and social studies. Our presentations also incorporate several elements from the Ontario Curriculum Expectations.

S.A.M.A. Tour 2014:
SAMETOUR2014 Week 1 in Review
SAMETOUR2014 Week 2 in Review
SAMETOUR2014 Week 3 in Review
SAMETOUR2014 Week 4 in Review

Campaign 2: #NOTMYTOMATO

#NotMyTomato is this years S.A.M.E online awareness campaign. We consume food daily, but rarely do we stop to think about the people who make it possible. #NotMyTomato simply asks that the food we eat not be picked, processed, packaged, or sold in a way that exploits anyone anywhere. Join our campaign by taking pictures holding a #notmytomato sign and tweeting us @thesamegroup. Encourage your friends, school and colleagues to do the same.

Campaign 3: The Fundraising Challenge

This year S.A.M.E has launched its S.A.M.E Scholarships which will provide funding for the children of migrant workers to help with the cost of attending school. Across Canada, students are holding raffles, bake sales and creative campaigns to help raise funds for these scholarships. 

Campaign 4: Bike Drive

Hold a bike drive, and encourage your friends, colleagues and community to donate any bicycles or bicycle equipment they may have. For thousands of migrant worker’s bicycles are the one of the main forms of transportation while in Canada.